Saladmaster Waterless Cookware  
Saladmaster Waterless Cookware
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Saladmaster Waterless Cookware

Cooking without water and oil? Why??
Did you ever notice the color of the water at the bottom of the pan after boiling or steaming? That's most of your nutrients. People usually say it's what you make soup stock out of. The only problem with that is it's been cooked at high temperatures, and has been destroyed, like a wool sweater in the dryer. Cooking with oil prevents food from being as digestable. According to Dr. Kouchakoff, high heat (over 87/88C or 188-190F) causes the body to produce more white blood cells, showing that food cooked over 190 degrees F is treated by the body like a toxin, releasing extra cells, known as 'digestive leukocytosis', and appearing as the need to lethargically digest a meal.

Considered a Healthy Cooking System, Saladmaster is not only waterless, but low temperature as well, with the Vapo Valve alerting you when your food is 180-187 degrees farenheit.

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