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Healthy Cooking Classes are Fun!
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Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Class

In the interest of assisting you in earning your Hosting Reward Gifts, here are some resources and tips.

When inviting people, it is efficient to have reserved two dates for your guests to choose from. People are busy, and while you have them on the phone you can reserve their seat in one of two healthy cooking classes, filling both at the same time, earning you your first two of four hosting gifts with Saladmaster's Dinner Booking Program.

For who to invite and what to say when inviting, print out the following:

Hosting Quick Start Guide

Hosting Guide for Fun and Successful Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Classes PDF

Printable PDF Invitation fill in time, date and location.

Email Invitation text document to fill in, copy and paste into email.

Postcard Invitation write time and date of Class on back.

Hosting Certificate to fill out for your Free Hosting Gift

Always follow up with a phone call to your invitees a week before and three days before your scheduled Class.

Thank you! I look forward to cooking for you and your guests on our scheduled date!



Cooking Healthy Lessons

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Earn Free Saladmaster Waterless Cookware gifts for each qualified cooking class you host.
1st Class:
Saladmaster Machine ($430 value)
Saladmaster Machine Picture and cost
2nd Class:
Saladmaster 5 quart wok ($625 value)
Saladmaster Cookware Wok Prices
3rd Class:
Saladmaster 9 piece Cutlery Set ($475 value)
Saladmaster Cookware Price Picture
4th Class:
Saladmaster 1.5 quart sauce pan ($590 value)
Saladmaster Cookware Saucepan

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