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The Saladmaster Electric Skillet

Anything you can bake in the oven you can cook in Saladmaster's Electric Oil Core Skillet due to it's perfect heat conducting oil core and semi-vacuum 316Ti Titanium Surgical Stainless Steel.

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The Electric Oil-core Skillet is Saladmaster's flagship product
Made from 316Ti Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium added, it's the same high grade precious metal hip replacements and knee replacements are made of.  The ideal bio-compatible, non-porous/non-reactive surface to cook on, patented only to Saladmaster, no one else can use it in cookware.  The oil core is similar to that of an oil core heater, using an industrial grade high-heat oil that only needs changing every 3000 miles (just kidding, it has a lifetime warranty, it never needs changing!).  This construction allows you to be able to cook anything you would have baked in the oven (ovens are 40% efficient, heating your house as much as your food), cookies, cake, pizza, as well as fried chicken without adding any extra oil.

How to Protect Nutrients and Antioxidants
In addition to the pharmaceutical grade cooking surface and the oil core for perfect, even heat conduction, the other main feature patented to Saladmaster is the VapoValve.  Scientifically engineered, weighted and calibrated to click at 180-187 degrees F (82-86 degrees C), the VapoValve alerts you that your food is about to start losing nutrition.  The Johns Hopkins and Mayo Health Clinic did research, finding out that food starts breaking down when heated over 190 degrees F (88 degrees C).  As opposed to boiling (212 F, 100 C), steaming (232 F, 111 C), microwaving (700 F, 371 C) which destroys 97% of your food's antioxidants, cooking in water which leaches out nutrients, and cooking with oils that turn rancid/carcinogenic and interfere with the digestive process.  As compared to traditional cooking methods that leave you with only 3-35% of the nutrients you started with, Saladmaster healthy cooking systems protect 98% of the nutrition in your cooked food.

The Way It Works, Saladmaster's Semi-Vaccuum
Starting on medium heat, pressure builds up like a pressure cooker, but instead of the risk and danger (and loss of nutrients) of cranking the lid down and proceeding to force heat through the fibers of your cooked food, when you hear your Saladmaster's VapoValve click, you simply turn the heat from medium to low.  The slightly cooled air inside the cooking vessel shrinks, creating a semi-vacuum.  Your food cooks faster on low, tenderizing in it's own natural moisture, without the need to add extra water or oil.  Brilliant!

White Rice, Brown Rice, Gray Rice
The Digital Probe that comes with the Saladmaster Electric Skillet can be set from 150 to 450 degrees F, has a timer that will shut off automatically, and has white rice and brown rice settings.  Virtually all rice cookers are made of aluminum.  When cooked white rice is compared side-by-side with Saladmaster Electric Skillet rice, you can see the gray of the aluminum in the rice cooker rice.  Brown rice in the Electric Skillet tastes extremely flavorful and nutty.

More features of the Saladmaster Electric Oil-Core Skillet
*Comes with it's own cookbook
*Lifetime Warranty (pretty amazing for an electronic product!)
*Fully submersible in water/dishwasher safe!
*Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium (used in aerospace applications and on submarines for it's corrosion resistance and non-porous surface to repel barnacles)
*Faster Cooking on Low Temperatures with Semi-Vacuum Cooking, Saves you $70 of every $100 you would have spent on cooking energy
*Digital Probe 150-450 degrees F, has a timer to turn off automatically when done, white rice and brown rice settings

I Want One!  How Much is It?
There was a medical equipment salesman at one of our free healthy cooking classes who sells scalpel knives to hospitals. He said on your bill the hospital charges you $600 and you don't even get to take your scalpel home!  He wholesales the scalpel knives, made out of surgical stainless steel, to hospitals for $200.  He counted how many of them would be the same amount of steel in the Saladmaster Electric Skillet: $200, $400, $600, $800, $1,000, all the way up to $2,000 worth of surgical stainless steel!  He was very pleased when he heard all of the engineered features, lifetime warranty, that the Saladmaster Electric Oil Core Skillet is (contact your local Saladmaster Dealer for updated pricing) plus tax and shipping.  He was even more excited when he learned how he could get the ELECTRIC SKILLET FOR FREE with the purchase of a set of Saladmaster cookware. 

For the full story, pricing and free bonuses, get in touch with your local Saladmaster Dealer and schedule your FREE 5 COURSE ORGANIC DINNER demonstration.  In northern California, we have free cooking classes once a month for our customers to learn new healthy cooking recipes.

Please Contact Me and let me know how else I can be of assistance.

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