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Thank you Saladmaster Dealer Isis Israel, we now have Saldmaster Recipes on video!

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Saladmaster Recipe:
  Rainbow Slaw Salad with Goddess Dressing
Recipe Ingredients:
Quarter wedge red cabbage 
Quarter wedge of green cabbage
1 chioga/candy cane beet (optional, seasonal, found in most health markets)
1 golden beet
1 watermelon daikon radish (or 4 red radishes)
1 stalk celery
1 large or 2 small carrot
Quarter jicima
1 English cucumber, usually found in plastic wrapper
1 apple
1 zucchini
Half a Lemon
Half a cup of Annie's Goddess Dressing (Tahini based salad dressing)
Quarter cup of Annie's Shitake vinagrette, any light vinaigrette is fine
Saladmaster Machine, Cone #2, over large salad bowl
Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the salad
Toss salad recipe with dressing and serve everyone's favorite salad!


 Saladmaster Recipe:
Enchilada Recipe in the Electric Skillet
Recipe Ingredients, 1 each:
onion, carrot, chayote squash (or zuchini), can black beans (1.5 cups), small can diced green chilies, package of veggie meat or 8 oz ground turkey, large can hatch enchilada sauce, 8oz pepper jack cheese, 1/2 cup cilantro, sliced black olives, package of corn tortillas

Saladmaster Machine, Cone #2
Onion and Chayote squash or zucchini directly into electric skillet
spoon in enhilada sauce
cover with a layer of tortillas
cover the tortillas with enchilada sauce
evenly spread veggie meat or ground turkey
Saladmaster Machine, Cone #1
shred carrot and cover veggie meat or turkey
another layer of tortillas
more sauce
black beans and diced green chilies
Saladmaster Machine, Cone #1
Shred half the cheese on top
sliced olives (or use slicer cone #5)

Program Digital Probe for 325 degrees. When the Vapo Valve clicks rapidly, turn temp down to 185. Cook for 19 minutes.
Chop the fresh cilantro (heavy metal detoxifier), spread over cheese, replace lid. Cook a few minutes until cilantro is wilted.

Enjoy this easy recipe for lunch, dinner, and potlucks! 

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