Attention: Healthy Cooking Enthusiast~

"The Easy Way To Enjoy Delicious Meals (Even If You Burn Toast) Using My Secret Cooking System!

This Amazing Cooking System Makes Food Taste Better, While Saving Energy, For The Rest of Your Life!"


Here's 3 Reasons Why you'll want to schedule a Free Cooking Class in your home:

1. You'll enjoy a Free 5 Course Organic Meal for you and up to 12 friends prepared in front of your eyes in less time than you can imagine! A salad cake baked on the stove top, potatoes with half the starch removed (starch converts to sugars and stores as fat), a rainbow salad like you've never tasted because colors are vitamins and flavors are minerals.

2. Learn how to save time, money, and energy when preparing all of the delicious foods, retaining nutrion and flavor. Experience "The Carrot Test"; how cooking in water robs you of the nutrients you paid for at the grocery store! "The Pot Test"; (legal in all 50 states) learn about heavy metals leaching from cookware, complete with science and the effects of heavy metal toxicity in the body.

3. PLUS, you'll receive a FREE Saladmaster Machine worth $430 to jumpstart your ability to cut your meal preparation time in HALF! Our way of saying thank you for helping spread the word of Saladmaster, the latest in cooking technology combined with the latest in cooking methods.

Dessert Choice, Saladcake Baked on the Stovetop:

(December Only!)
(December Only!)

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Thank you!


From: Damon Lesjack, Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Instructor, Northern California
Date: August 24, 2009

Dear Health Enthusiast,

Let me get right to the point.

I have an unfair advantage over you...Yes, I realize it's not fair.

I can prepare and cook meals in less than half the time of conventional cooking methods, while saving 86% of my cooking energy AND protecting 98% of my nutrients, which are the colors and flavors in food, the anti-oxidants and all the other goodies that keep us healthy. Most people don't realize they are cooking out most of their nutrients, they are left with only 3% to at most 35% of the nutrients they bought at the store and put in their fridge.

So am I a chef?

No. When I say I'm not a chef, that just means that I don't cook in a restaurant for others for a living. (Although over the years I've cooked in other people's kitchens enough that I'm confident I could crank out amazing meals in half the time in the high-stress restaurant environment too).

The unfair advantage I'm referring to is a system of secret tools that I have access to.

With these tools I can create mouthwatering meals from scratch in minutes!

Create gorgeous, tasty salads in seconds!

If I'm getting home late from work and want to eat something healthy for myself and the kids, I simply grab some vegetables and easily prepare a 5 course organic meal from appetizers to dessert. While I'm preparing the vegetables (or my kids, they love to participate in the process, it's so easy and fun!) I just insert my easy veges into the equipment, push a button and quickly generate a delicious lasagna, enchilada pie, or fried chicken with no oil in 18 minutes, piping hot and full of flavor.

I can take basic ingredients in any refrigerator and quickly create healthy meals less than just half an hour.

To be honest, I don't worry about cooking anymore.

I don't have to worry about the pressure cooker blowing it's top, grease fires in the kitchen, glass pots or bakeware exploding in shards across the floor.

Okay, so where am I going with all of this?

You don't need to be a trained chef to get the maxi um flavor and enjoyment out of every meal. But your food will taste so good the friends and family you have over for dinner will ask you if taken classes!

You can use the same exact tools that I use and you'll never fail at creating delicious, nutritious meals the rest of your life.

"So Why Should You Listen To Me?"

Here's why...Once you understand that good food flavor comes from the nutrients in the food, how colors are vitamins, flavors are minerals, how high heat destroys food and how to prevent it, cooking will no longer be a mystery...At least not to you. Others, including your friends and family will still think it's a mystery as they shell out large sums of money going out to eat at over-priced restaurants bearing a famous chef's name.

I've been in the business of health and nutrition since I started farming organically in 1992. The recipes I use are recent, and the tools I use have been around since 1946, constantly improved to be the best in the world today.

My first time-saving food preparation tool called the Saladmaster Machine was launched back in 1946 and is still going stronger than ever today. One of the best things about it is how you can get it for Free! Keep reading to find out how!

When it comes to helping you save time, money, and energy in the kitchen, while maximizing flavor and nutrition, the Saladmaster Machine has helped thousands of people prepare quick, healthy, and delicious meals.

That's what this letter is all about....Having me come over to show you and your friends how to easily create your own meals in minutes and without creating a mess in the process! I've done all the hard work for you.

But please don't make this one mistake!

Don't think for a minute you'll create amazing meals in minutes by just asking me quetions and not investing in your health. If your are expecting something for nothing, then this cooking system is not for you.

But on the other hand, if you take the time to insert the right vegetables like I'll show you, this system will crank out winning meals quicker than anything you could learn in culinary school, without using dangerous and harmful microwaves.

"Introducing The Fastest Three-Step Health System For
Maximizing Flavor and Nutrition in Every Meal"

Dessert Choice, Saladcake Baked on the Stovetop:

Thank you!
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Looking Forward to Cooking for you soon,

Damon Lesjack, Master of Science
Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Instructor

P.S. We can only offer a limited number of FREE Saladmaster Machines, so reserve your FREE cooking class date today so we can save your $430 Saladmaster machine for you today!

P.P.S. My schedule books up fast, so you'll want to fill out the form right away to secure the best date that works for you.

P.P.P.S. Although we do show the finest cooking systems in the world and you will love them, there is no pressure, obligation, or quota for anyone to buy anything, so feel free to invite your favorite foodie friends who will enjoy the best education anywhere, they want me to teach about cookware at a local culinary school because they don't have it in their curriculum!